Week ∞ - Further learning.

You’ve signed up for a career that requires constant learning and exploration. Hopefully I’ve given you a taste of some of what’s to come these past weeks – now it’s over to you.

How I keep up-to-date, FWIW: I subscribe to feeds from interesting blogs using Feedly, I follow devs and organizations on Twitter, I subscribe to a few Youtube channels and I also talk to people in my office each day.

In no particular order, here are some links to get you started.

Ruby Weekly
Curated weekly email list.

This Week in Rails
Random peeks into Rails development.

A light-weight Ruby web framework, like a simpler version of Rails.

Rails Tutorial
Good if you need a refresher on the class – also covers testing, which makes it well worth it.

The Twelve-Factor App
A short manifesto on writing good web apps.

A tool for building static websites with Ruby.

Paid learning series by a leading Rails shop.

Ruby Tapas
Screencasts by a leading Rubyist.

Confreaks Videos
Videos from past conferences.

Hacker News
Links and discussion.

Rubocop and the Ruby Style Guide
Tool to help with code quality.

Great videos but on hiatus since 2013. I learned a lot here. Well worth the $9 but make sure you check the dates on the posts – some things have changed.

Top Programming Books
From Stack Overflow – good starting point.

Good sources for technical books: Pragmatic Bookshelf, O’Reilly, Apress.

Front end

Mozilla Developer Network
Quality documentation for HTML, JS, and CSS. Hint: add "mdn" when you're searching Google for something, like "mdn background-size" or "mdn indexOf". Hint2: avoid w3schools as a resource – it can be unreliable.

CSS techniques.

CSS Tricks
CSS techniques.

HTML5 Rocks
Introductions to new front end technologies.

Destroy All Software
Technical screencasts.

The default way to write Javascript in Rails. Makes JS feel more like Ruby.

Makes writing CSS much better. Also a Rails default. I never write CSS without SASS if I can help it.

Javascript view framework – this is where I’m focused these days.

Go learn another language!

Maybe: Nodejs, Golang, Rust, Elixir, C, Swift, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, Scheme

Go learn SQL!

Super important and useful. I guarantee you will be glad that you know SQL.

Go learn another framework!

Maybe: Reactjs, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Laravel, ASP.NET MVC