Week 10 - Deploying. JSON.

Getting ready for Heroku

  1. Sign up for a Heroku account
  2. Make sure your VM is up to date you should vagrant halt before you run vagrant up --provision
  3. Read through getting started with Ruby on Heroku

In class demo project

Fork it here

Deploying to Heroku

  1. Make sure you are already in your project directory and that all your changes have been committed – Heroku deploys your last commit.
  2. Type heroku create to setup a new Heroku site (just have to do this once)
  3. Type git push heroku master any time you want to deploy

To check your Heroku logs: heroku logs --tail (press Ctrl+C when you're done)

Writing a README file


Homework: your project

By next Tuesday evening, please submit the beginnings of a plan for your final project. Some things that I want to discuss with you before you do any coding are:

  • Drawings of each of the screens of your web app – these can be really rough – we will use these to spec the functionality you’ll be building
  • Your database structure – what tables you’ll have, what fields, and how they will be related

You don’t have to submit everything, but you do have to submit something. If in doubt, ask. I can guarantee responses if you email my by Sunday night. Any later and I may not have time.