Week 6 - Making your web app interactive

Week 6 Assignment: Personal Library

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ActionView Forms Resource

ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper docs

ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper docs (for creating the select box -- use either collection_select or select)

Rails Guide: Form Helpers (general overview -- note that we want to use form_for and not form_tag)

ActiveRecord Resources

ActiveRecord Validations (ways to make sure data is well-formed)

ActiveRecord Basics (different methods for adding/updating/deleting records, especially part 5)

ActiveRecord Associations (part 2.7 is important, focus on belongs_to, has_one, has_many for now)

General Rails Resources

Rails Command Line Reference (generator commands)

Rails Routing Reference (how to setup your routes file)

Rails ActionView Helpers (explore UrlHelper, TextHelper, NumberHelper and anything else that catches your eye - you can use any of these functions in your HTML template files)

Want to Learn Some More

Here is a complete, running Rails app that you can explore on Github. Dive into app/controllers and app/models (and everything else) to see an example of a really well-written Rails application.

Here is a short (4min) video about `initialize` – the creator (Avdi Grimm) has many more videos that are well worth it as you progress in Ruby.

Want to Learn Something Totally Different?

Here is an excellent article that I read this week. It's not about Ruby at all – it's about a new language called "Nim" that I'm interested in trying. It's complicated and interesting and challenging (to me, at least). Just in case you're interested...