Updated January 24, 2023 from Vancouver Island.

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Waiting for snow

We started skiing a few years back and getting above the clouds during winter quickly became a new obsession. Given the tough snow year all over North America I’ve been refreshing webcams and snow reports pretty obsessively.

Mentoring break

I’ve just finished co-teaching the web app course at North Island College with Megan. This was pretty much a dream arrangement for me. I didn’t have to prep or mark assignments. I was just an advisor, cheerleader and guide to the students.

Doing some work

Tickit had its best year yet. It’s been nice to take a couple of weeks to stop releasing code and focus on some planning for the year ahead. As always, we’ve got limitless ideas.

With Tickit nice and stable I’ve been able to take on a few fun side projects to keep my skills sharp. Currently I’m making an interface for building and analyzing wind farm simulations. I’m using Mapbox (which I like a lot), React with Zustand (which is a nice change from Redux) and AWS Amplify (which I’m quickly souring on).

Playing with Ableton Push

My pal Phil lent me his Ableton Push 2 controller right before Christmas break. What an amazing piece of hardware. I instantly love it. I’m still pretty slow and clunkly moving around on it, but it sure is fun to play with.

Planning my First Tech Talk Night

I’ve been craving some geeky content here in our sleepy valley, so decided to corral a few friends into presenting for a tech talk night. I had fun doing some branding for the Forbidden Tech Club. The first speakers are Oliver, Silvan and Yurii.