Propeller One is an aircraft maintenance management application that we co-developed with a small airline.

It was designed to ease the overwhelming paperwork burden encountered at each aspect of aircraft maintenance. The two main components are a web application used by maintenance and operations staff, and an electronic log book used by pilots.

Aviation in general and aircraft maintenance specifically are highly regulated and full of industry-specific jargon and norms. To build a project in this space I was fortunate to spend six months with an expert on the Canadian Aircraft Regulations, proposing workflows and interating until we found the intersection of regulations, usefulness and easy of use.

Some notable highlights from Propeller One:

  • Distinct workflows for pilots, operations managers and aviation mechanics operating on the same shared data
  • An append-only/immutable maintenance log system with strong data integrity guarantees
  • An offline-first “journey log” application with cryptographic record signing to be used in cockpit iPads

Our airline partners took over development and marketing of Propeller One in 2018.

Screenshot of Propeller One