Now what?!

Week ∞ - Further learning

Hi, let’s make some web apps!

End of Class Project

Details here.

Class schedule

Here’s what’s planned, week by week. This will certainly shift around a bit, but this will give you the general gist of where we’re going.

Each class we’ll do a walk-through of some interesting code, write some code together and have some discussion. We’ll also have small in-class assignments most days, and occassionally you’ll do quick (< 5 minute) presentations to the rest of the class.

We have a lot to cover. Command line skills, databases, version control, a whole new language, a whole new framework... and then we finally get to the interesting stuff like how to design good software.

We’ll be busy, but by the end of this course you’ll be able to build a complete web application from the ground up.

Week 1 (links)

Intro to Ruby, intro to git, setting up your development environment, Github, irb, where to look things up.

puts 'Hello, world!'

Week 2 (links)

Ruby syntax and style, exploring the standard library. High-level overview of a modern web application. Intro to Rails.

Week 3 (links)

Ruby review.

Week 4 (links)

A bit of Ruby syntax and then head first into our first wep apps.

Week 5 (links)

Working with data in Rails.

Week 6 (links)

Making your web app interactive: working with controllers and views in Rails.

Week 7 (links)

Validating data. More controllers and views.

Week 8 (links)

The front end. Javascript, CSS and AJAX.

Week 9 (links)

Intro to gems. Authentication.

Week 10 (links)

Deploying. JSON.

Week 11+

Here are some gems that you might find useful.

JSON. Using outside APIs. Background jobs. Configuring web apps. More deployment.
Project work.
Exploring software design: extensibility, maintainability, refactoring and developer happiness.